Telemarketing is Not Evil


Today, we will show you how to use direct email and telemarketing to your advantage. Most people do not find telemarketing to be an effective way to market their business. However, there is a way to get the attention of your prospective customers without being blocked. Email marketing has had a great impact in the recent years. With a few tips, you can turn this into a powerful tool. Telemarketing is best when used on high margin and high priced products.

How To Formulate an Effective Email Marketing Strategy:

  • Write down all the benefits your prospective customers should expect from your business.
  • Determine the most powerful factor from your list of benefits.
  • Based on the powerful benefit, create a catchy headline. Use attraction capturing tools such as emoticons, color, fonts etc.
  • Formulate a sales letter and use the headline you created to grab your customer’s attention.
  • Generate supplementary accessories such as brochures, envelopes, and order forms to encourage your clients to read your letters.
  • Purchase or rent a mailing list
  • Analyze the cost of mailing to gauge the expected benefits v costs.
  • Start testing and refining your mailing plan.

As you can see, email marketing has the potential to help you find new clients from many parts of the country. You will obtain the best results after you fine tune your campaign. You must do an analysis as time goes by so that you can make informed decisions.

How To Succeed In Telemarketing:

  • Create a plan with strategies to help you know exactly what you want to achieve when you make the calls.
  • Formulate a list of factors you want to explain and a list of questions you would like to answer about your topics.
  • Formulate introductory verbiage to help you determine whether you are calling your clients at the right time.
  • Create interesting questions that will make your customers active participants in the conversation.
  • Always start with general questions and narrow into the topic as the conversation progresses.
  • Provide feedback and helpful information to the customer’s questions to show that you are paying attention.
  • Do not use statements that may undermine the client’s intelligence during the conversation.
  • Be an attentive listener. Only talk when the client has nothing more to say or is waiting for a response.
  • Stay relaxed and enhance the conversation. Avoid being a narrator to your clients.

Telemarketing does not have to be a draining process as it has been made to be. Before you make that call, think of how you would like to be treated by a telemarketer. Try asking people around you what they hate the most about telemarketing calls.  One thing you should remember is that everybody is busy. When you make the call, you only have 30 seconds to convince your prospects to stick with you on the call. If you fail to get their attention your effort is wasted. Create an opening statement that makes your client want to hear more.


You have seen how easy it is to create a successful email and telemarketing campaign. Such campaigns will help you bring prospective customers to your business and even increase your brand awareness. We offer you free trial resources and tools to help you work through the process. We can help you create the best marketing campaign for your business.


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