Quick Lead Conversion Approaches

Today, I’d like to discuss conversion of prospective customers into regular buyers who are an active part of your marketer’s mailing list.

By this point, marketing has done its job of attracting clients to your platform.  The next stage of the sales process is getting them through the final part of the sales funnel. There are several ways to do this but the most important things to remember are that you need to be Fun, Informative & Welcoming.

Buyer’s remorse is your greatest enemy at this stage and will turn away more customers than anything else. Some customers are sure to balk right before they make the final purchase, however you can keep a large percentage of them on the hook by ensuring that you are providing them with a quality product that lives up to all the claims made during the marketing campaign.

In the odd case that buyers request a refund, there are two smart ways to deal with them:

– You can offer to give them a quick refund to maintain your reputation or,

– Give them a bonus product that is theirs to keep even if they decide to return the product.

These are two of the most common ways to mitigate buyer’s remorse though they may not work for every situation. Here’s a list of other offers you could give them:

  1. Offer special pricing rates to find out what prices are reasonable
  2. Start a referral or bounty program to get word-of-mouth working for you
  3. Start by selling a smaller and less expensive product to build trust
  4. Give them package deals
  5. Take on the cost of special packaging and delivery fees
  6. Give the customer several financing options so that the illusion of choice makes them more likely to buy
  7. Give them the option for discounts on future purchases
  8. Give the customers the option to name their own prices
  9. If they are unwilling to buy a new item flat-out, give them the chance to trade-in or upgrade their current equipment
  10. Offer bonuses for purchases made in full
  11. Educate the customers on the benefits of the product that you are selling
  12. Use longer warranties and after-sales services as incentives to buy before a certain date

This list could go on forever and is only limited by your imagination. If you are offering added value on top of the sticker price for what seems to be free, buyer’s remorse can be mitigated. Try out a number of these methods and then tailor the results to fit your business model.

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